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Silverstone Struggles

July 1, 2016

After a great result at Oulton Park, everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong with the car. Clutch gearbox and diff problems meant that I lost out on a test day at Croft and Silverstone after Oulton Park. The issues were still with the car as we arrived at Silverstone via Leeds (after picking the car up from the Ginetta Factory).


The problems couldn't be fixed in time for qualifying so I was to start stone dead last, which was 40th for the first race. But before this I had to go out for 3 laps of practice, however the car was worse than ever and after the Wellington Straight on the first lap, I lost drive, gears and a large plume of blue smoke came out the back of my car.


When we got back to the pits we discovered that the differential had exploded. Luckily this was replaced before the first race so at least I could make it to the grid. This was to be the highlight of the weekend as I battled my way through the field, overtaking 22 cars on the first lap. Throughout the remainder of the race I carried on overtaking cars and climbed up to 6th position overall by the end of the race. It felt incredible to get such a good result from an awful starting position even with the car set up still not being to my liking.


Race 2 and 3 were on the Sunday and were not good for me. In race 2 it was heavy rain and on the grid after the green flag lap, my windscreen wiper stopped working and even with Rain-X on the windscreen I was completely blind by the spray and rain that I had to pull into the pits after 2 laps. This meant that I would be starting the final race of the weekend from the back of the grid. 


Race 3 was very challenging, with an almost dry circuit at the start which meant the wets overheated and started to marble followed by monsoon levels of rain from lap two onward. The car felt very sluggish in the race and the handling was not good so I could only get up to 11th this time. When I got back to the pits, the battery was completely flat and I was unable to drive out of parc ferme to the pits. We diagnosed this as a failing alternator and something else that was on our ever growing list of repairs.


 It is a very quick turnaround as we race at Croft on the following weekend. Getting everything fixed ready for our BTCC support race at Croft will be a challenge but fingers crossed we make it there with a fully functional car!


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